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 Koike, Arisa

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DM Izanagi

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PostSubject: Koike, Arisa   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:35 pm

.: Table Of Contents :.

.: I - Table Of Contents :.

.: II - General Information :.

.: III - Bingo Book Information :.

.: IV - Clan Information :.

.: V - Known Jutsu :.

.: VI - Custom Extras :.

.: VII - Purchases :.

.: VIII - Inspirations :.

.: IX - Other Information :.

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DM Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Koike, Arisa   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:35 pm

.: General Information :.

.: Name :.
Koike, Arisa

.: Alias :.
Plague Witch

.: Birthday :.
December 4th

.: Age :.

.: Eye color :.

.: Hair colour :.
Light brown, flowing down her back

.: Height :.
5' 6"

.: Weight :.
135 lbs

.:Three Sizes:.

.: Blood Type :.

.: Likes :.
Calming teas, socializing at a distance, tobacco

.: Dislikes :.
Getting close to others, people who are overly friendly, suitors

.: Family :.
Koike Takamaru - Father, Deceased
Koike Misa - Mother, Deceased

.: Sexual Orientation :.

.: Marital Status :.

.: Tattoos :.
What appears to be a black widow near the nape of her neck.

.: Friends / Foes :.
Rated on a -10 to +10 Scale
-10 Being Hate, +10 Being Love

.: Friends :.
Kirigakure Ninja +3 (Automatic)
Black Widows +5 (Automatic)
Yashanny Hoshigaki +4
Reiko Nomike +8
Danao, Aonu +5
Kujira Hoshigaki +5
Darius Kaguya +4

.: Foes :.

Utskada, Hei -8

.: Background :.

.: Theme Songs :.

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DM Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Koike, Arisa   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:35 pm

.: Bingo Book Information :.

.: Village :.

.: Rank :.

.: Job/Occupation :.
Medical Corps

.: Element(s) :.
Medical, Water, Poison

.: Attack Style :.
Ninjutsu/Taijutsu, Poison

.: Toolbag :.
3 Kunai, 1 Combat Kunai, 10 Senbon, 1 Explosive Tag, 2 Ninja Wire, 1 Chakra Pill

.: Squad :.

.: Sensei :.

.: Goals :.
() Create the most deadly poison known
() Become ANBU
.: Life Goals :.
() Have a normal family

.: Nindo :.
“Why flood them with numbers, when a few drops will solve the issue?”

.: Databook :.

DatabookNinjutsuTaijutsuKenjutsuIntelligenceStrengthSpeedStamniaHand Seals Total

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DM Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Koike, Arisa   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:35 pm

Black Widow
(100 Tokens - Female Only)
(Created By - DM Sasori and DM Asuma)

"Doku Megurushi"
Poison Mark

In Kirigakure a legend is told of a girl who was given poison in small doses each day, granting the girl an unnatural ability to control the toxins in her blood. Yet with this ability she was also given a curse, she could never truly befriend or love anyone. As even one touch could sicken, one kiss could kill. As the girl became older, she was overcome with grief as she could never truly have a family of her own. Thus, she began to adopt orphaned female children and secretly began doing to them what had been done to her, passing down the same curse for generations, giving them the mark of the Black Widow. In doing this the Black Widow clan of Kirigakure was formed. Those bearing the mark of the Black Widow Clan are exceptionally beautiful, and even more deadly, as it is rumored that all members bathe in a poisonous scent used to lore in those foolish enough to fall prey to the Black Widow. Within recent years, the Black Widow elders have discovered to control their chakra and poison, allowing them to touch those that they actually care about, but within a moments notice, they can send the poison into the person's body.

Universal: Black Widow start with Medical and Water Elements. Gaining no more. (Due to Poison)
Genin: +1 to CHA Rolls, -1 to All Opponents Con Rolls in Battle
Chuunin: +2 to CHA Rolls, -2 to All Opponents Con Rolls in Battle
Jounin: +3 to CHA Rolls, -2 to All Opponents Con Rolls in Battle

[Widowed Child]
Widowed Child is a special type of training that the Black Widow may go through. The Widowed Child is able to use their poisoned blood to control the Chakra within their body and complete Ninjutsu with ease. They use hand signs, but instead of their chakra corresponding the element they are using, it will always be green to correspond for the Poison within their blood and chakra mix.

Universal: If they are in a fight with another Black Widow, Both of the Black widow gain an additional +2 to CHA Rolls. They are also able to buff each others jutsu if they are in the same fight. (Including longer duration, DoT, Negatives etc)
Genin: +10 CP, May use E/D/C Rank Ninjutsu with CHA*
Chuunin: +15 CP, May use E/D/C/B Rank Ninjutsu with CHA*
Jounin: +20 CP, May use E/D/C/B/A Rank Ninjutsu with CHA*

*This includes Learning / Creating jutsu.

[Black Widow Tool Bag]
3 Kunai, 1 Combat Kunai, 10 Senbon, 1 Explosive Tag, 2 Ninja Wire, 1 Chakra Pill

[Poison Chakra Guidance]
Each Black Widow is given a special Mark, in the shape of a Spider crawling over top of a piece of Web. This allows them to channel their chakra and control their Poison. They then ingest or are injected with a small amount of poison, which passes through their veins and causes great pain. This would be noticeable by the veins of poison appearing along their skin, in a pale green tone, similar to the veins of their blood. This is the only way they are able to use their Clan Jutsu, so they have to do this before learning any clan Jutsu.
Must be RP'd by a DM, Then the User is able to use Clan Jutsu.

Universal: Black Widow are able to do Basic attacks with CHA, which is them simply using a basic Poison to Damage an opponent. The Basic Attacks do Rank Tai Damage. (Clan Jutsu Damage Bonus ONLY added)
Universal: Black Widow Basic Attacks / Jutsus deal +1d4 poison damage (which ignores DR).

All Clan Jutsu are rolled with CHA
(Black Widow also get to make a Custom Poision Jutsu - 1 E/D/C/B/A/S)

Click Here:


[Intricate Twin Senbons]
(Extra 50 Tokens)

These senbon are no ordinary weapon. They are uniquely designed to portray hair pieces, with beautiful designs of vines carved into the metal. Although, once the senbons are held within the user’s hand and chakra activates them, the senbons will then sharpen and slide to a deadly point. Each weapon is crafted with the user’s chakra to ensure greater guidance and accuracy of the senbon.

Universal: User Gains +10 to Learning Medical Jutsu with CHA, Those they teach gain +5 to Learning Rolls and 1/4 of their CHA Mod is added to Healing / Damage on Medical Jutsu
Genin: +10 HP, +1d4 Damage to Clan Jutsu
Chuunin: +15 HP, +1d4 Damage to Clan Jutsu
Jounin: +20 HP, +1d6 Damage to Clan Jutsu


Black Widow are open for perma outside of Kiri / Water country.*
Only those approved by both creators may make a Black Widow.

*If this is done without RP Reasoning and/or without a DM present. Full refund is given to the player losing the character.

[Plague Doctor]
[75 Tokens - Forbidden]

There is a long and dark history behind the prestigious medical arts that now have spread across the world. Before the days of reliably healing even grievous wounds had become common place, countless experiments had taken place. These experiments where dark, bloody, and often resulted in failure. The loss of life during the creation of life saving techniques was tremendous, and a dark secret that has been sealed away in the annuls of history. Though most nations and villages had burned the results of these experiments, Koike using her connections has found an run down laboratory with records of all of these experiments. Most of the common place medical jutsu had dark histories of failure, burning holes at a cellular level, destroying organs and devastating blood flows. These techniques had long ago been forbidden by the world at large. Researching through these documents has led Koike to the conclusion that she would be able to use the knowledge she already had in both the Medical and the Poison fields to turn the techniques everyone knew as life saving into a deadly ability.

Long nights of researching and breaking down the history of each medical Jutsu on record has led Koike to the pinnacle of understanding the methods behind their creation. A simple shift of chakra during the application could lead a jutsu that would mend flesh into a jutsu that would destroy it. A slight side-effect of using these Jutsu in this manner however was that with the shift of charka the poison within her body would seep into the jutsu, causing further damage.

Innate:  Allows Koike to deal damage with E/D/C/B Rank Medical Jutsu instead of healing, all damaging Medical Jutsu gain +1d4-1 (Min 1) Poison Damage (Ignoring DR) for 1d4-1 Rounds (Min 1) (Rounds stack, Damage does not.)
Genin: +1 to Cha, +10 CP
Chuunin: +2 to Cha, +15 CP
Jounin: +3 to Cha, +20 CP
[color=teal]Special Note: Medical Ninjutsu that calculates Healing Mod to restored HP may not be reversed for damage.

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DM Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Koike, Arisa   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:36 pm

[Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Murder of Crows]
(25 Tokens Per Rank)
(Note: Summons and Sage mode count towards Token Cap)

Kuchiyose no Jutsu, the art of summoning an Animal or series of animals. Before a summon can be performed, a prospective summoner must first sign a contract with a given species.The contract can come in the form of a scroll or a tattoo. The summoner then signs the contract in their own blood. After this, they need only perform the hand seals, offer an additional donation of blood, and use the same hand they signed the contract with to summon the creature. The amount of chakra used during the summoning determines how big the summoned creature can be. It should be noted that anyone can summon the animal as long as they have the blood from someone who has made a contract, along with sufficient chakra of their own. Summoning is classified as a C-Rank Jutsu, however its levels and powers very.


Note: Summons last for 2d4 Rounds, after this time is up the Summoner may drain 2 CP a Round to keep them active past this.
Note: All Summons Gain the Same Stat Bonuses as their Summoners.
Note: Normal Summoners May Only Summon 1 Summon at a Time. Sages may Summon 2 at a Time. Sages in Perfect Sage Mode may Summon 3 at a Time.
Note: All Summons have a Minor Trait of their Own. A Universal, and hten a Basic Trait that is upgraded by their Rank. (So for Bears, Universal is +10 Total HP, Rank One Gets +1 DR, and +1 Defense Rolls. Rank 2 Gets +2 DR, and +1 Defense Rolls, Rank 3 Gets +3 DR, and +1 Defense Rolls, ext.)

Genin: Rank 1-2 Summons.
Chuunin: Rank 1-4 Summons
Jounin: All Summon Ranks

Crow Mastery
[30 Tokens]

RP: Koike has spent what seems like weeks to months training with the Murder at the Aviary, learning their secrets, training in their ways, and gaining the trust of all of the crows in the clan. Through sure determination and luck she has made aquitances with nearly 600 crows that scatter across the continent. These crows flock to her when she is near, settling on ledges, trees, even flying up to perch on her shoulder at random. A mere glance from her is able to send them off on a task, to scout, to warn others, even to attack.

Koike's natural, and highly unnatural, chakra resonance peeks the interest of the crows, making them see her as a member of their clan, and given her strength in poisons, a high ranking member. Even just giving a light pulse of her chakra into the air is enough to send the crows to do her bidding.

DF: Allows Koike to Search in Wooded/Urban Areas up to to areas away, auto-detecting people who are not hiding.

DF: Allows Koike to send the Crows into a fury, attacking Hostile targets at random for Medium Single-Wield Kenjutsu Damage per turn for 1d4 Rounds. (Koike's Cha vs Str/Dex/Wis to defend, does not gain dmg bonuses)

[Crow Summons - The Murder]

Deep in the mountains of the Water Country lies the Aviary, a long abandoned village that is currently inhabited by nothing but birds. They long ago found their knowledge and have grew in pour. One of the three greatest clans in the Aviary are the Murder, a clan full of Crows and Ravens. Attracted to plague, slaughter, and death, the Crows have a natural affinity to those who wield poison, and have started to flock towards Arisa. Arisa has taken it upon herself to contract with the Crows, hoping to wield their power over plague and poison to her benefit.

Universal: Attacking opponents who are poisoned gives an additional 1d4-1 (min 1) Bleeding Damage (ignoring DR) per round for 1d4 Rounds (Rounds Stack)
Rank 1: Poisoned Enemies take -1 to DEF, Summons have +1 ATK Rolls
Rank 2: Poisoned Enemies take -1 to DEF, Summons have +1 ATK Rolls
Rank 3: Poisoned Enemies take -2 to DEF, Summons have +1 ATK Rolls
Rank 4: Poisoned Enemies take -2 to DEF, Summons have +1 ATK Rolls
Rank 5: Poisoned Enemies take -2 to DEF, Summons have +1 ATK Rolls

[Rank One - Rok]

Rok is a small raven, barely a foot tall. He prefers to circle the battlefield picking out the most opportune times to strike, never staying still. While he is not in immediate danger he prefers to perch on shoulder and find various ways to annoy the person who has summoned him.

Summon Cost: 5 CP
HP/CP: 20/20
Attack/Defense: Highest Summoner Stat +0
Base Damage: Basic Taijutsu Damage

[Rank Two - Ingram]

Ingram is a bold crow, his wingspan being nearly 4 feet long, with an incredibly sharp beak. He prefers to dart around the battlefield keeping just outside the vision of his opponent before rushing in to attack the eyes. Because he loves to dart in he has a penchant for taking beats, giving him various scars and burn marks across his body and feathers.

Summon Cost: 10 CP
HP/CP: 30/30
Attack/Defense: Highest Summoner Stat +1
Base Damage: Basic Small Weapon Damage, No Penalties.

[Rank Three - Renshaw]

Renshaw has the greatest eyesight of the Aviary, able to see carrion from miles away and able to detect those who are dying with pinpoint precision. Because of this he has been tasked with hunting down those who have shamed or insulted the Murder, alerting his comrades of their locations without fail. He soars high into the sky in order not to be detected because of his size, a wingspan reaching nearly 12 feet.

Summon Cost: 15 CP
HP/CP: 40/40
Attack/Defense: Highest Summoner Stat +2
Base Damage: Basic Medium Weapon Damage, No Penalties.

[Rank Four - Huginn]

A collosal raven that guards the Murder from intruders, missing his right eye. The birds of the area whisper that he lost his eye during a fight with the Murder's elder and his brother, Muninn. He stands nearly as tall as the fabled dragons, his feathers darker than night and his remaining eye blood red. His talons rake across the ground as he walks digging trenches into the ground.

Summon Cost: 20 CP
HP/CP: 50/50
Attack/Defense: Highest Summoner Stat +3
Base Damage: Basic Large Weapon Damage, No Penalties.

[Rank Five - Munnin]

Muninn is the oldest and greatest of the Crows, a rare albino crow that has been corrupted over the ages, having long ago sacrificed his left eye for the sake of gaining immense wisdom. Rumors say that his remaining eye can percieve through the darkest of nights and even see into the soul of his opponents. Arisa first encountered Muninn while she was exploring the Water Country as he landed on her shoulder, staying there for a few days watching her work before leaving after giving her an invitation to visit them at the Aviary. His immense wisdom is second only to his combat ability, though he is no bigger than a normal crow, he has more power than the colossal Huginn.

Summon Cost: 25 CP
HP/CP: 60/60
Attack/Defense: Highest Summoner Stat +4
Base Damage: Basic Large Weapon Damage +1d4, No Penalties.
Special: 5 CP/2 Upkeep, Muninn's right eye auto-spots hidden enemies and is able to see Chakra Networks.

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DM Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Koike, Arisa   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:36 pm

.: Known Jutsu :.

.: Custom Clan Jutsu :.

.: Passive :.




.: Academy :.


.: E Rank :.


.: D Rank :.


.: C Rank :.


.: B Rank :.


.: A Rank :.


.: S Rank :.


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DM Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Koike, Arisa   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:36 pm

.: Purchases :.

Black Widow Clan - 100 Tokens (Admin Sasori)
Intricate Twin Senbons - 50 Tokens (Admin Sasori)
Plague Doctor - 60 Tokens
Crow Mastery - 24 Tokens
Crow Summons Rank 1-2 - 50 Tokens
Charisma Stat Buy - 20 Tokens

Total: 150

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DM Izanagi

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PostSubject: Re: Koike, Arisa   Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:36 pm

.: Other Information/Inspiration :.






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PostSubject: Re: Koike, Arisa   

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Koike, Arisa
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