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Suiton Update
Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:53 am by (Admin) Asuma
The Suiton Jutsu list has undergone several changes, please be sure to update your jutsu in your bio, and to replace jutsu that have been removed with jutsu of equivalent rank.

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 [Closed]Akuma and the Temple of Blood

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DM Rock Lee

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PostSubject: [Closed]Akuma and the Temple of Blood   Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:20 pm

White hair flowing at the mercy of the breeze the almost glowing red crimson eyes would set upon the Tori of the Temple ground before him as he steps within the gates he'd look to his left with a smile as the guard would bow his head to him Akuma would look along the road as red robed men and women baring masks would simply walk towards the temple itself moving calmly as a child stood upon the final step to the entrance of the temple itself singing as the Worshipers slowly made their way towards the temple. Akuma would simply smile as he'd tilt his head back listening to the sounds entrancing his being.

" It is a good day to praise Kraitos-sama... " He'd chuckle a moment as he'd walk along the dirt path towards the line of red robed congregating towards the temple. As the smell of blood fills the air Akuma would shutter slightly for a moment  as he looked further down the path towards the stretchers carried on the shoulders of the larger men, a body to each stretcher as the four stretchers slowly make their way towards the temple Akuma would wait as the line begins to slowly fade and disappear into the temple. Stepping off to the right Akuma would slowly reach into his bag as he'd draw out the incense sticks and light them on fire before raising them above his forehead moving his hands out as the two sticks leave a trail of thin smoke behind them as he'd move his hands to his chest infront of his heart and placing the sticks of incense on the shrine bowing his head a moment giving his time to his God, Kraitos to reflect on what hes done so far before standing and walking calmly towards the Temple where many have gathered. Looking towards the pedestal in the front he'd pause a moment as no one was there looking to his left. " Where is my father ? " the robed man remained silent as everyone would look around amongst each other as the carriers would calmly place the bodies of the dead men on the stone infront of the pedestal. Slowly the small chatter would grow louder and louder. Akuma would take a deep breath before pushing his way through the crowd and stands at the pedestal raising his hands to the crowd. " Silence Everyone! " the chatter would slowly start to die down though few would stagger off to the corner to continue to chatter Akuma would take a deep breath before motioning to the carriers and to the individuals still talking. " We are brother and sister in blood... " Looking about the temple floors the light of the moon falling through the red stained crescent glass that scaled the sides of the temple walls. " But! This is no place for arguments or gossip. " Looking about the crowd of Worshipers Akuma would smile slightly as he quickly becomes pleased with their almost instant reflection upon their acts of disrespect for the Temple they all seek guidance from. " I will be leading the ceremony in my fathers place today, for he is absent. " their head remained lowered in their sorrows as Akuma would shake his head a moment. " You have reflected for your actions enough, raise your gaze towards the ceiling and praise the great Kraitos-sama, for tonight and on this day we give onto him the blood of those that have fallen so that their sins may be cleansed in his magnificence! " Akuma's voice would raise as his arms had risen from the pedestal the carriers would make the cuts on the wrists and ankles of the bodies so that they would drain to the floor below dripping into the gaps between the tiles as each gap would fill with the blood, the crimson blood streams would disappear leaving only a red stain on the joints between the tiles. " We live by Love,Loyalty,and Equality. We are all equal even those that choose not to follow the words of Kraitos-sama, for they are still his children and brothers and sisters to us. We are loyal to our beliefs and will never faulter in such or Kraitos-sama have mercy upon those in their weakest moments. And we will Love all those that live because we are of family. " everyone in the temple lowered their heads as they'd chant the three values they live by as Akuma would continue. " These are the values of life that formed this temple, and helped Kraitos-sama spread the word of his deeds and his blessings upon this world. Forever be safe in your journey and on your tribunes my fellow brothers and sisters. Amen. " Akuma would lower his head as the other worshipers would raise theirs and speak at once 'Amen' before retiring out of the temple, nodding to the Carriers as they begin to pick the bodies up from the stone tablet before the pedestal they would move outside and give each body a respectable proper burial despite being Missing Shinobi from various lands.
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[Closed]Akuma and the Temple of Blood
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