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Suiton Update
Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:53 am by (Admin) Asuma
The Suiton Jutsu list has undergone several changes, please be sure to update your jutsu in your bio, and to replace jutsu that have been removed with jutsu of equivalent rank.

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 Exam Results

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DM Team

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PostSubject: Exam Results   Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:02 pm


Part I
Unknown to people, the first part of the Chuunin Exams began with its announcement.  It aimed to test the Shinobi against a common Shinobi psychological enemy: Paranoia. The minute they knew about the rules involved in the ability to participate of the exams and the time limit to get what they required to participate the examiners placed the Shinobi under the pressure of having to search and stumble upon the required entry scrolls to participate.  
By knowing that only a few selected Genin would be getting these scrolls, they were forced to make use of their Shinobi skills to hunt down those that possessed the scrolls and retrieve them from others to be able to gain acceptance into the exams.

The psychological challenge was only increased when the Genin learned that their respective Sensei would only have one scroll to give out amongst their squad. This was an attempt at placing a 3 man squad under the heavy weight of having to deal with blame and remorse and perhaps turning them against one another to see which of them would go to the exams.
In the end, the first part of the exam aimed at testing the stability, mentality and stoutness required of a superior Shinobi. Acquiring and safekeeping of important documents likewise.

Part II
The second part of the exam was the trip to Land of Lightning. The Shinobi world outside the Hidden Villages is a dangerous place; the wilderness plagued with untamed life and renegade danger that seek to prey on the weak. The examiners analyzed the ability and method of traveling of a Shinobi outside their own villages and countries alike.

They tested their skills in survival and concealment, omnipresence and endurance. All fundamental skills a Shinobi of superior rank should have mastered. For the native shinobi of the Land of Lightning, the test involved dealing with the wave of arriving foreigners into their land and how they received their presence; putting to test their analysis skills in information gathering and culling of falsehood amongst them.

Part III
A Shinobi knows when to act and when not to act. The third and final part of the exam; still unknown to the participants, involved in the long week of residence in Kumogakure. The examiners aimed to test the patience of Shinobi in a foreign land where they inevitably began to wonder when an actual exam would be announced. Little did they know that their skills at behaving in foreign land and foreigners were the main part of the third challenge.

The Shinobi were tested on their behavior in a place of unknown where they could by all means collect information on themselves. As time passed, the Shinobi were likely put under the pressure of insecurity, testing their ability to keep a level headed mentality in a land where they did not know when their actual exams would begin.

The examiners knew that sooner or later the Shinobi would grow irritated and becoming more and more impatient or wary, technically being careful in everything they did ranging from verifying their own food for poisoning to likely getting few hours of sleep.


In the very end, the Shinobi were left guessing what the actual exams were and with good reason. The first announcement had left them under the presumption that it would be a grand specific and detailed challenge, alas little did they know they were tested from the very beginning. Some of the Shinobi ultimately likely guessed that they had been tested throughout the many trials of the month that led them to coexist in Kumogakure; now it is time to go back home and find out about news of the exam that likely never happened, or did it?

The truth will either remain a mystery or will be revealed to them; time will tell.
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DM Team

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PostSubject: Re: Exam Results   Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:04 pm

Advanced Genin)
Mayako Yamanaka 
Suta Hiryu 
Nakemo Umdea
Kaseki Koukeiri 
Mina Kag'ame
Sai Enaide 
Misoko Kenko 
Yamato Jyouzo 
Akuma Takanayagi 
Isamu Harikodo 
Kan Shindou
Rei Shindo 
Meikyuu Kimi
Kaiya Tadakuro

Senri Watabe 
Hotaru Kanetsugu 
Azumi Hyuuga 
Arisa Koike
Saori Uchiha
Hirui Irozameru
Hiroshi Uchiha 
Hiroto Yotsuki
A.H Hoshigaki 
Kotoki Kimi 
Toshiko Uehara 
Mayuko Hoshigaki 
Hitori Kikken 
Sora Kinoshita

Advanced Chunin)
Kotoyo Kichida 
Ana Aburame 

Special Jounin)
Kouyou Kage Oni

DISCLAIMER) The Above promotions are considered OOC Knowledge only, until such time that your character has been informed ICly of their promotion, or been told about another's promotion.
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Exam Results
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