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Suiton Update
Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:53 am by (Admin) Asuma
The Suiton Jutsu list has undergone several changes, please be sure to update your jutsu in your bio, and to replace jutsu that have been removed with jutsu of equivalent rank.

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Thank you,
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 Kinoshita, Sora

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DM Sai

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PostSubject: Kinoshita, Sora   Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:06 pm

~Sora Kinoshita~


--I: Appearance/Personality--

--II: Jutsu--

--III: Bloodline/Special Abilities--

--IV: Custom Weapons--

--V: Purchases/Token Log--
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DM Sai

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PostSubject: Re: Kinoshita, Sora   Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:07 pm

"Main Theme:


                         =-GENERAL INFORMATION-=

NAME  =-=  Kinoshita, Sora
AGE (DOB)   =-=  15 (Jan. 23)
GENDER   =-=    Female

CLAN  =-=  Kinoshita
VILLAGE   =-=  Konohagakure
RANK   =-=  Genin
OCCUPATION   =-=  Shinobi
ELEMENTS   =-=  Wind
UNIQUE ABILITIES   =-= Flying Raijin Technique


HAIR  =-=  Long, and generally unkept hair that naturally flows down to her lower back.
EYES  =-=  Violet
SKIN   =-=  Flush and white, with the faintest tan. No heavy tan lines, however.
TATTOOS   =-=    One long Katakana marking on her collarbone.
HEIGHT =-=  5'1
WEIGHT =-=  89 pounds

                        =-PERSONALITY & GOALS-=

For the most part, Sora is not a complicated girl. She has hopes, she has dreams, she has wants, she has desires, she has grudges, and she certainly has opinions. Sora is a simple ADD child. She bores easily, and doesn't like standing in one place for too long. Becoming a Shinobi has only made this worse, as she now has found enjoyment in fighting. Whenever the opportunity arises, Sora will not hesitate to have a good spar with a good opponent. As for family and friends, she's slightly more complicated. Being a Kinoshita has made her a heavily disturbed girl. One main concepts that each Kinoshita must come to understand is that of loss. From an early age, Sora had lost many of those around her. When she was a girl, her father walked out the door and never returned. She has seen various members of her outer family disappear, being declared MIA. So Sora has adapted a unique outlook on life- She serves to protect her friends, family, and village. She desires no further life goals, and has acceptance that one day she too will vanish, and be declared MIA.

EMOTIONS =-= Sora is easily excited, but just as easily irritated. When she is irritated, she generally only wants to fight something. Otherwise, Sora is a cheery person. She is constantly making snarky jokes, making her seem almost egotistical. This isn't the case, but she does like to exaggerate her own abilities. Sora is not easily saddened, and never cries. When faced with loss, Sora rarely seems to care.
NINDO =-= "I'll live, fight, and die, so that my friends can live, laugh, and have fun. Nothing else matters.
GOALS =-=  ( )Become ANBU | (X)Make a friend | ( )Save a friend | ( )Master her family technique |  

10 for love, -10 for deathlist. Nicknames in parentheses.
Senri [4]
(Fatlard-Sensei) Itaki Akimichi [4]
(Sensei's-Sensei-San) Saiken [4]
(Sensei-Sempai-Chan, or Nee-chan) Misaki [4]
(Pup-kun) Kegawa [3]
(Uchiha-Sensei) Hiroshi [3]
(Shark-Chan) [2]
(Bug-Sensei) Ana [2]
(One-Eye-Sempai) [2]
(See-Chan) Azumi [2]
(Bat-Chan) Kaiya [1]
(Jerk-Face) Aion [-1]
(That Guy) Darius [-3]

--Under Construction!--

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DM Sai

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PostSubject: Re: Kinoshita, Sora   Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:56 pm


"Anger Theme":


Academy Jutsu:


--Under Construction!--

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DM Sai

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PostSubject: Re: Kinoshita, Sora   Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:58 pm


"Raijin Theme":


200 Tokens

History and Information
During the reign of the Second Hokage, Tobirama decided upon the creation of the Village’s police force. However, Tobirama did not fully trust the Uchiha with this military strength, as little as it may have been. To balance the power out further, he created Konohagakure’s village ANBU. Upon creation, the very first shinobi group placed in the ANBU program was a popular clan known as the Kinoshita. The Kinoshita held amazing qualities as Shinobi, and were the ideal image of what Tobirama wished of the ANBU. They had unparalleled loyalty. Unmatched Melee talents. Frightening skills with the Ninja Tool arts. And most importantly, the Kinoshita held the well-deserved title of the fastest shinobi clan, rivaling the even the Yotsuki.

Unfortunately, as they were granted the honor of being the Village’s first ANBU force, they also made a great sacrifice. The Kinoshita clan had to say goodbye to their hard-earned fame. Being in the ANBU called for the removal of one’s existence. And for this entire clan, they became ghosts. Watches of the village, without their name ever being mentioned again.

The reclusive nature behind the Kinoshita led to great accomplishments. At the time, a Kinoshita was trained from birth to become an ANBU elite. This allowed for the clan to purify it’s blood even more, and refined it’s techniques. Eventually, near the end of his reign, Tobirama did one last act for the Kinoshita. He taught the clan his signature technique, the Flying Raijin. It took many generations to finally achieve the perfect form for this technique, and the Kinoshita blood allowed for some to surpass even Tobirama’s speed. When the Third Hokage came to power, the Kinoshita’s exclusivity in ANBU came to an end. The ANBU program was opened to all qualified shinobi, and a few Kinoshita started choosing against joining. Now, the generations of hard training are finally allowed to live the lives of normal shinobi. It is becoming increasingly more common for Kinoshita members to refuse to serve the ANBU, specifically due to the creation of the "Root" ANBU force led by Danzou.

It was the Kinoshita that passed the Flying Raijin Technique to Minato. However, the Yellow Flash immediately took to the Jutsu, and mastered it faster than any Kinoshita had done previously.

There is, however, still one last standing rule in the Kinoshita- Do not reveil the Kinoshita, or it’s fame. They care not for it, and simply want to live for the village. Not for it’s appreciation, but for it’s safety.

OOC Note: No person, no matter the Lore mod, can identify the Kinoshita Clan without being told of it’s existence by a PC.

Monstrous Speed
The Kinoshita’s pride lies in it’s almost abnormal speed in fighting. From the clan's first appearance during the earlier years of Shinobi, the Kinoshita claimed it's fame through two things: The creation of multiple ninjatools, and their insane speed on the battlefield. They actually managed to destroy multiple clan compounds before they even knew they were under attack. However, the Kinoshita understood more than just speed. Because to effectively -use- their speed, they had to learn perfect timing and amazing accuracy. By combining their quick wit with their brilliant speed, they are able to make up for whatever weakness their muscles may give them.

Universal: +10 Total HP/CP, +10 to all skill rolls, +10 to Learning Flying Raijin Techniques
Genin: +1 to Dexterity Rolls, +1 HP Regen, DEX replaces STR for Stat Bonus - 1
Chunin: +2 to Dexterity Rolls, +2 HP Regen, DEX replaces STR for Stat Bonus
Jounin: +3 to Dexterity Rolls, +3 HP Regen, DEX replaces STR for Stat Bonus + 1

Flying Raijin Technique
3 CP Per round + 1 CP Per round for each 'Marked' opponent
The Sanctumed technique passed down from Tobirama. Flying Raijin is a legendary Jutsu, that allows the user to activate a space time continuum in order to teleport their own bodies. They can teleport themselves to anything marked with a Raijin Fuuin. Their use of this Jutsu varies, but mostly use a form of Raijin-marked tool. By throwing these Raijin Marks around the battlefield before combat, they place multiple different areas of teleportation. The Kinoshita can teleport themselves, and anything that their chakra touches.

To activate the Flying Raijin, the user simply applies some of their chakra to the Marking, and throws them into their desired spots. However, Raijin is a tiring technique to incorporate.

Universal:Free action: While active, the user recieves two attacking turns.  One attack turn may be used with any Offensive Jutsu, and the other must be a basic Taijutsu/Kenjutsu/Tool (Kunai/shuriken limit of 3)/E rank Ninjutsu(gaining no passive or active bonus damage to this attack). If the first attack successfully hits an opponent, the second attack will be made at a -2 to the roll.
Genin: +1 Attack/Defense, may only use up to D rank jutsu while active.
Chunin: +2 Attack/Defense, may only use up to a B rank jutsu while active.
Jounin: +3 Attack/Defense, may only use up to an A rank jutsu while active.
Special Note: The second attack turn may be taken either at the end of the initiative, or one turn after the first attacking turn. In a 1v1 fight, a 2nd attack is only taken every other round, starting when active. (So round one gets the second attack, round two doesn't, round three does, ect.). User may not stack turns.
Special Note 2: For 5 CP, may dodge undodgeables at a -4, or escape combat at a +1, as the user literally can travel to a different country and back in an instant.

Flying Raijin- Marking
Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu (No WIS mod req.)
Jutsu Rank: ~
CP Cost: 5  CP
RP Description: The very basis of the Raijin revolves around a complex Fuuinjutsu. The Fuuin marking allows the person who created it (and knows it's formula) to instantly travel to that Fuuin, by making use of complex Time-Space ninjutsu. This isn't to say, however, that those whom use it have Fuuinjutsu knowledge. Instead, each Kinoshita goes through an extremely intense and vigorous training to become talented in the use of the Raijin fuuin. This training is referred to as "Raijin Camp". In their earlier years, every Kinoshita uses the same Fuuin style of mark. This mark is shared by every tool, clothing, and property they own. And, if need be, they can even put a Marking on an opponent... or even ally.
PvP Effect: Marking may be done by a basic tool attack, a dex attack for no damage but at a +1 to hit, or with a Set Trap vs Spot roll outside of combat. Lasts 1d4+1  rounds if used with a tool attack, or 3 RL days if done otherwise. 
When an opponent is 'Marked' by the Raijin, the user gains a +1 to hit them and +1d4 additional damage while they are marked. Alternatively, the user may defend for a 'Marked' ally at a +2 to their defense roll.
Masters of Arms
100 Tokens, Legendary Bloodline upgrade.
Originally, the Kinoshita clan were simply expert tool users. Their impressive arsenal of custom weaponry was the very reason that the Leaf village offered residency to the Kinoshita during the village's first years. The Kinoshita have the blood of Blacksmiths, and it is custom that every member of the clan creates their own Tool or Weapon of choice. This tradition was only improved when the Second Hokage gave the Kinoshita the Flying Raijin abilities. By incorporating the Raijin mark onto their tools, the Kinoshita can use the ability to quickly recall the tool to hand, and even use the tool as a teleporation marking itself. 

Universal: +2 To all Tool/Ken/Raijin rolls. User may call back any tool to their arsenal for 1 CP per tool. (Ex, 4 Kunais for 4 CP, 2 Windmill Shurikens for 2 CP, or a Ninja wire for 1 CP. But never any combination of tools.)
Genin: +1d4 to all Ken/Tool damage*, +2 DR vs HP, -1 Weapon/Tool Penalties^
Chunin: +1d6 to all Ken/Tool damage*, +4 DR vs HP, -2 Weapon/Tool Penalties^
Jounin: +1d8 to all Ken/Tool damage*, +6 DR vs HP, -3 Weapon/Tool Penalties^

*Only applies once if multiple tools thrown at the same target. (E.G 2x Kunai at one target)
^Tool Penalty applies if multiple tools are thrown also, (E.G throwing 3 tools at Genin and rolling 19 would make the ATK Rolls 19/19/18)

The Kinoshita has an "Advanced Tool Kit", with 5 Raijin Kunai/Shuriken, 2 Raijin Windmill Shurikens, 1 Caltrops, 4 Senbon, and 1 Ninja Wire. Hitting sucessfully with a basic Tool attack while using any Raijin tool "Marks" the opponent for 2 rounds. (Follow "Marked" rules during duration)

The Kinoshita may create 3 custom “Tools”, all with Flying Raijin Markings.

Hachiwara (鉢割) [4 In Inventory]
Meaning "Helmet Breaker" or "Skull breaker", This small yet nimble blade features a long knife paired with an extending jitte-style talon is designed to break through armor, skin, and bones. It can destroy armor, and break through defenses.
Kunai Rank Damage and removes 2 DR for 1d4+1 rounds. (Can stack DR removal to 4 and Rounds always stack)

Chakra Jirai (地雷) [4 In Inventory]
Japanese for "Land Mine", Sora's custom Chakra Jirai appears as a small disk, no bigger than the palm of your hand. The exterior is black, except for a small white capsule within the center. When placed, the Mines go into a passive state, and await for another chakra signature to detonate. When a suitable target approaches it's proximity, the mine releases it's capsule, and causes a chain reaction, blowing anything within distance to smithereens.
PvP: Takes one turn to set the Mines (Max 2 per turn), and may place up to two mines per turn. While any Mine is active in the fight, all opponents must roll Spot vs User's Set Trap on their turn (IF user decides to active the tag, max 1 per target per turn). Failure causes detonation dealing Explosive Tag damage, and the opponent may then roll DODGE Vs user's ATK (WIS / DEX) to take half damage. Successfully spotting a Jirai allows the opponent to either (A) avoid the mine, and take their turn, or (B) try and destroy the mine, using their turn to do so. Each mine has 6 HP.
Note: Detonation of a mine does not result in a loss of turn for the user or the target.
--Under Construction!--

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DM Sai

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PostSubject: Re: Kinoshita, Sora   Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:14 pm


"Blade Theme":


Tool Bags

Kunai  =-=  5
Shuriken  =-=  5
Explosive Tags  =-=  2
Smoke Bomb  =-=  1
Military Ration Pills  =-=  1
Windmill Shurikens  =-=  2
Poison Smoke Bombs  =-=  0
Caltrops  =-=  1
Senbon  =-=  8
Ninja Wire  =-=  2
Hachiwara =-= 4
Chakra Jirais =-= 4

Total Tokens Spent (For Tools)- 53 [DM Sasori]
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PostSubject: Re: Kinoshita, Sora   

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Kinoshita, Sora
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