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Server Status
Sat Feb 21, 2015 9:49 pm by DM Team
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Suiton Update
Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:53 am by (Admin) Asuma
The Suiton Jutsu list has undergone several changes, please be sure to update your jutsu in your bio, and to replace jutsu that have been removed with jutsu of equivalent rank.

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Katon & Elementless Update
Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:05 pm by (Admin) Asuma
The Katon and Elementless jutsu lists have undergone several changes, and we ask that everyone update the jutsu lists on their bios to the new versions.

Thank you,
The DM Team

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Raiton Update
Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:31 am by DM Team
Serverwide Raiton Jutsu list has been updated. Please adjust your bio's accordingly.

Sincerely, DM Team.

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Server Direct Connect
Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:42 pm by DM Team
If you cannot find the server on the NWN list here is the Direct Connect IP:

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 Sunagakure Mission reports

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PostSubject: Sunagakure Mission reports   Tue Feb 24, 2015 3:05 am

(Request Sticky)

*A box on Secretaries desk that says "Field reports" Is now in the office building of the Kazekage for the shinobi to submit any findings and reports in the field*

// This is for Sunagakure shinobi to post mission and field reports that the /should/ have been turning in. Though not mandatory OOCly, it is suggested that you post your reports here so that other DMs know what's going on and your reaction. And if you don't, it may have slight IC repurcussions. P.S I've shamelessly stole it from Shadowheart. (sorry)
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PostSubject: Sai's report to the Kazekage   Sun Mar 15, 2015 2:42 pm

Where did the mission take place: Somewhere northwest of wind country
What did the mission involve: Monster Hunting
Who was present, specify friend, foe and neutral: Kumori Bikou (Friend), Kinnojo Urayama (Neutral), Jubei (NPC Friend) and Gisshan (NPC Foe)
Success or Failure: Total Victory
Thoughts and/or feelings after the mission: The mission, first believed to be monster hunting but soon revealed to be an evil old man using his summons to capture village chunin. Though we couldn't get any more information from him as Gisshan was attempting suicide by fire jutsu. Kumori's quick actions locked him in an illusion. Kin believed it would be better to slay the man on the spot as he felt that if Gisshan was willing to kill himself over capture then we should grant him that request. But I offered to just disable him so prevent any further attempt to resist. So with Gisshan bound and carried back to the village to await justice. No one had suffered any grave injuries from the encounter.
Extra notes relating to mission: Just that I must expand my knowledge and skill to be a useful member of any team that I am working with.
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Sunagakure Mission reports
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